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Summer Fruit Cup Liqueur

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Ableforth's has done it again, and this time they've concocted the perfect Summer quaff. This fine spirit is crafted by macerating Strawberries, Cucumber, Orange and Mint in pure wheat spirit, before re-distilling it at room temperature in a vacuum still. To this, a blend of fine wines, spirits, fruits, herbs, and spices are added, and the result is a fresh, fruity, and superbly British tipple.

To serve Summer Fruit Cup - Ableforth's recommends first half-filling a highball glass with ice, sliced cucumber and orange, quartered strawberries, and a lightly bruised sprig of fresh mint. Then carefully combine one part of the delicious Summer Fruit Cup with two parts of Lemonade, and gently add to the glass.

Ableforth's Summer Cup Royale recipe:

40ml Ableforth's Summer Fruit Cup
20ml lemon juice
15ml sugar syrup
2 dashes of orange bitters
Top up with Prosecco
Shake the first four ingredients over ice, pour into a highball, and top up with Prosecco. Garnish with an orange slice and mint sprig.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Huge depth and richness in the initial nose, spicy with notes of Caramelised Apricot, Chocolate and Marmalade. A huge secondary whack from the cold-distilled botanicals - Cucumber is the primary component, but mint, orange and sweet luscious strawberry all make an appearance.

Palate: Extraordinary intensity, but made fresh and accessible by the cold-distilled botanicals. The Strawberry is particularly prominent, but the mint freshness is omnipresent.

Finish: Long and luscious with the Mint, Strawberry and Orange peel bitterness continuing to shine.



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Summer Fruit Cup Liqueur