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Smouldering Heights Gin - Masons Distillery TBGC

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Smouldering Heights Gin is made by the Masons Distillery in Yorkshire in collaboration with That Boutique-y Gin Company! Inspired by the annual heather burning on the Yorkshire Moors, this aromatic tipple features a blend of traditional gin botanicals as well as a selection of smokey ingredients, including beech-smoked and peat-smoked malt, heather, and Szechuan pepper. We'll be very excited to see what smokey twists on classic cocktails you can create with this! Karl and Cathy from Masons Distillery are getting into the spirit with their Wuthering Heights-style attire on the label, which has got that Kate Bush song stuck in our heads...


Tasting Notes

Nose: Oily, warm citrus from dried orange peel, coriander seed and Szechuan peppercorns, then delicate angelica, pine-y juniper and a little cardamom. Cassia bark and orris root add aromatic spice in the backdrop.

Palate: The initial focus is citrus, with key lime pie, then more angelica, juniper and exotic spice in support. Soft florals emerge underneath.

Finish: A delicately sweet and herbaceous finish.



    Smouldering Heights Gin - Masons Distillery TBGC