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Rickey Gin - New Columbia Distillers TBGC

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Marvel at the deliciousness that is Rickey Gin, crafted by New Columbia Distillers, the same folks who make Green Hat Gin, and bottled by That Boutique-y Gin Company! It comes all the way from Washington D.C., and is inspired by the city’s signature drink, the Gin Rickey. We knew you were wondering about the name.

Channeling the ingredients of a Gin Rickey, lime peel and lime leaves are added to a whole load of other citrus, which are then distilled using the distiller’s in-house spirit made from soft winter wheat. The result is a fabulously vibrant and zesty gin. Our recommended serve is mixed with plenty of ice, soda water, and a wedge of lime before sweetening to taste.


Tasting Notes

Nose: Oodles of wonderful creamy aromas, with earthy undertones and a good helping of lemon zest alongside a rich, oily and nutty note.

Palate: Sit back and let creamy, smooth lemon curd notes develop, with zingy lemon sherbet and a tingle of pepper spice.

Finish: Fresh herbs, namely coriander balance the finish, with more creamy lemon that's in no hurry to leave.



    Rickey Gin - New Columbia Distillers TBGC