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Oo-mami Gin TBGC

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Umami - it's a word that gets chucked around a lot, but if you ask someone what it means, you get a lot of "Well..." and "Kinda like..." responses. If you're a little puzzled, That Boutique-y Gin Company has created its very own Oo-mami Gin which should help you get a better idea of the concept. Featuring classic gin botanicals alongside a selection of particularly nontraditional including tomato, Tasmanian pepper berry and even soy sauce, this is a curiously savory expression that will definitely make for some fascinating cocktails.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fragrant citrus peels (oranges and lemons) with coriander in support, then resinous pine and juniper with orris root and angelica close behind. A warming and aromatic combination of black peppercorns, cinnamon, and star anise is present underneath.

Palate: The final note of the nose is the first of the palate, rich and spicy baking spice predominantly with zingy citrus and piney juniper also making a return. The palate has more savory qualities, mostly earthy, forest floor elements, then a hint of fennel, pepper and a crisp herbal quality.

Finish: Spicy and a little bit sweet, the finish is long and warming.



    Oo-mami Gin TBGC