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18.21 Japanese Chili and Lime Bitters

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18.21 Bitters was created to craft a better cocktail. These premium, small batch, handcrafted cocktail bitters, shrubs, syrups and tonic are guaranteed to elevate any cocktails at a bar or at home. 

Cocktail Bitters are essential to any sophisticated cocktail, think of them as the seasoning! They are essentially made by infusing barks, flowers, roots, berries, citrus peels, and other botanical bits Into some alcohol. 

Tasting Notes

The Japanese Chili+Lime Bitters are the spiciest bitters from 18.21 with back notes of citrus and a smoky element.


They are perfect for a spicy margarita or Bloody Mary and will add a layer of spice to any cocktail you want to give dimension to.



    18.21 Japanese Chili and Lime Bitters