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Creme de Juniper - Spirit Works TBGC

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California's Spirit Works Distillery has worked with That Boutique-y Gin Company to resurrect a long-lost liqueur! For Crème de Juniper, the team has distilled juniper berries with a red winter wheat-based spirit. The result is then sweetened and allowed to rest in an ex-wheat whiskey cask. It's creamy, delicately sweet and works brilliantly with ginger ale and a fair chunk of fresh lime.

The label references Spirit Works Distillery's experiments with playing music to the casks of whiskey maturing in its warehouse. They even gave different casks different genres of music to enjoy! 


Tasting Notes

Nose: Intense juniper straight off the bat (as expected), forest floor aromas intertwined with eucalyptus and a touch of peppermint. A very small hint of vanilla peeks through.

Palate: Rich, velvety smooth and mouthcoating. Think juniper berries dusted in icing sugar with more of those earthy forest notes resting in the background, and a touch of aniseed.

Finish: Delicate fruity sweetness lingers on a lengthy but somewhat dry finish, as juniper makes a final appearance.


Please note: There can be a little bit of a haze to the liquid of this one. Give it a shake and it'll disappear.




    Creme de Juniper - Spirit Works TBGC