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Corte Vetusto Tobalá Mezcal

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The Corte Vetusto Tobalá comes hand-crafted by fourth generation master distiller Juan Carlos Gonzalez Diaz, and boasts 100% wild agave. This Joven (un-aged) mezcal stands at 42% ABV. It's a smooth effort that resulted from using a conical earthen oven with mesquite wood to cook the Tobalá agave. Volcanic stone ensures the product is milled before it ferments naturally. The spirit is finally distilled twice in both copper and clay pot stills for contrasting tastes to provide a complex blend.

An old Oaxacan proverb reads: 'Tequila is to wake the living, mezcal is to wake the dead'. Corte Vetusto certainly hope to wake more people to the possibilities of interesting, sophisticated mezcal.

Tasting Notes

Nose Dried herbs and honey round earthy notes and old leather.

Palate Dried flower petals are present in a faint smoke, that makes for vanilla and ripe apple.

Finish Crisp and bright, yet with an earthy quality, the rustic character is really pleasant.



    Corte Vetusto Tobalá Mezcal