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Terre Dei Buth Frizzante Rose

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Terre dei Buth is a family-owned winery that mainly produces Prosecco and Pinot Grigio, and is one of the few 100% organic wineries in the Prosecco DOC region. There’s an equal emphasis here on love of the land and love of the product, every stage from sustainable vineyard management to the most modern technology in the winery aimed at preserving the purity of the grape from vine to glass.

As well as vineyards the family grows an array of vegetables all year round, like the grapes all are organically grown, the vegan production of the wines is what inspires the colorful and distinctly unusual labels, with everything from pink lettuce to aubergine adorning the bottles.

This Frizzante Rosé (ie gently sparkling) is obtained from a blend of Glera and Raboso grapes. It encloses the freshness of Glera grapes and the hints of red fruit coming from the Raboso grapes. In the words of the winemaker: "This Frizzante Rosé will open your heart. I wanted to create a wine that was easy to drink, fresh and full of flavor."


Tasting Notes

Gentle effervescence. Bright pink color. Delicate aromas of strawberry and raspberry. Lively and juicy, with hints of gooseberry and redcurrant.

Food Pairings

Pasta, pizza and summer salads.

Grape Variety

Glera and Raboso

Country & Region

Italy, Vento



    Terre Dei Buth Frizzante Rose