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Col del Mondo Sunnae Abruzzo Bianco 2022

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Col del Mondo Sunnae Abruzzo Bianco 2022 is a white wine produced in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is crafted from a blend of local grape varieties, which may include Trebbiano, Pecorino, and Passerina.

Sunnae Abruzzo Bianco wines are known for their crisp acidity, light to medium body, and refreshing fruit flavors. They often exhibit notes of citrus, green apple, and floral aromas, making them versatile and enjoyable.

In terms of food pairing, Col del Mondo Sunnae Abruzzo Bianco 2022 pairs well with a variety of dishes. Its acidity and fruitiness make it an excellent match for seafood such as grilled fish, shrimp scampi, or seafood pasta dishes. It also complements salads, light appetizers, and dishes featuring fresh herbs and vegetables.

Additionally, Sunnae Abruzzo Bianco 2022 can be enjoyed on its own as a refreshing aperitif or paired with light cheeses and charcuterie. Overall, it is a delightful and versatile white wine that enhances the dining experience with its bright and lively character.

Grape Variety

Trebbiano, Passerina, and Pecorino

Country & Region

Italy, Abruzzo

    Col del Mondo Sunnae Abruzzo Bianco 2022