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Cobnut Ghost Gin - Greensand Ridge TBGC

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It's That Boutique-y Gin Company's first bottling of London dry gin from Greensand Ridge! This wonderful micro-distillery in Kent make some cracking spirits, and do so with careful consideration of sustainability. However, the squirrels of Kent didn't seem to give two nuts about that - all they cared about is getting their paws on the cobnuts that were going in this gin, along with the surplus raspberries too! Luckily, the battalion was shooed away, leaving Greensand Ridge to make this tip-top tipple.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Immediate raspberry influence, followed by mint and basil leaf. Chestnuts and light wafts of sweet juniper.

Palate: The soft, creamy spirit carries waves of summer berry and orange peel notes. Anise and savoury hints of cobnuts in support.

Finish: Slightly floral. Blackberry bush and menthol linger.

Overall: It was definitely well worth Greensand Ridge's effort of keeping the battalion of squirrels at bay to make this tasty gin was.



    Cobnut Ghost Gin - Greensand Ridge TBGC