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Clase Azul Tequila Plata

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 Clase Azul is one of the most artistic tequila producers, showing great respect for the Mexican cultural heritage. Although it is one of the most expensive tequilas on the market, that's because they make more than just tequila, they also make art that reflects the hearts and souls of the people of the Jalisco region. Each 'Clase Azul' bottle-decanter is a unique work of art, decorated by hand using the artistic legacy of the Mazahua ancestors. These impressive decanters are created by the talented artisans of the small town of Santa María Canchesda.

For production, blue agaves are grown for 6-8 years in one of the highest points of the state of Jalisco, whose unique climate and soil give tequila an exceptional taste. After harvesting, the agave cores are baked for 72 hours in traditional brick ovens, the fermentation process is stimulated by specially developed yeast. Finally, the tequila is distilled twice in copper stills to achieve maximum refinement and purity.

Aromas: fresh hints of citrus fruits, lemongrass and vanilla with hints of mint, apple, green tea and pepper.
Taste: soft, silky and sweet with mild notes of citrus fruits, vanilla, herbs, pepper.
Aftertaste: refreshing with fresh citrus fruits.

We recommend sipping slowly and enjoying the pure taste of this luxurious tequila. A nice cigar can help bring out even more citrus notes. Perfect with white fish, seafood dishes with citrus garnishes, sushi, fresh fruit and fresh cheeses. For dessert, strawberries with white chocolate will be a great partner.

Agave type - 100% Tequilana Blue Weber



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Clase Azul Tequila Plata