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Cachaça Capucana

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CapuCana means in the old Brazilian language “the house of the sugarcanes” (Capu = house / Cana = sugarcane), and that’s because we distill our Handcrafted Cachaça in the heart of Brazil, in the oldest cachaçería (distillery) in the magic region of Piracicaba. In this area, you can find an outstanding terroir with clay soil with an intensely red color that permits us to grow 25 different types of sugar canes. Each variety of sugarcane gives a much more complex tasting note to our cachaça, which then is aged for 3 years, and can be used in a wider range of cocktails and even enjoy CapuCana on its own. The maturation takes place in ex-Bourbon casks, which were already used for a peat malt whisky in the Islay region.

Tasting Notes

Color: Light gold.

Nose: Apricot, notes of oak, leather, biscuit, orange fudge, and black pepper.

Taste: Vanilla, pear, and honey.

Finish: Long lasting, creamy, sweet, floral, and a hint of citrus.




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Cachaça Capucana