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Bonza Botanical Gin TBGC

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The Old Young's Distillery on the west coast of Australia has created Bonza Botanical Gin with That Boutique-y Gin Company! All manner of marvelous leafy botanicals call Australia their home, and a lip-smacking selection have made their way into this expression, including wattleseed and bush mint. It most definitely is "bonza" indeed!

Tasting Notes

Nose: Distinct spicy notes, a splash of lime juice, and bittersweet herbs intertwine with a solid backbone of piney, earthy juniper. There’s a little stony minerality here as well.

Palate: Waves of coriander, angelica, aniseed, juniper, and more tart lime move through the refined, creamy spirit. A touch of menthol sweetness and a hint of herbaceous salinity add depth.

Finish: Crisp, clean, and delicately sweet, the finish retains some citrus and slight anise.




    Bonza Botanical Gin TBGC