Sip Your Way Into Summer

Sip Your Way Into Summer

Summer Whiskies

While winter is the perfect time for a nice glass of whisky to warm you up, contrary to common belief, summertime is also a great time to have some whisky. Three (or with global warming 5!) months of not being able to drink your favorite beverage is just too long! There’s a warmth and smokiness to many whiskies that doesn’t necessarily translate to summer drinking. But there are also many bright and fresh whiskies, begging to be in your glass even when you are poolside or on a rooftop patio. Indeed, it is possible to enjoy whisky year-round and we are here to help you pick the perfect summer whisky, served chilled with an ice cube or neat with a splash of cold water.

And if you’ve never had your whisky in a cocktail, you are in for a treat. A great way to enjoy a whisky summer drink is through a lovely cocktail and there are so many great whisky cocktail options for you to either make at home or order at our bar this summer. At Dara Dining by Sara Aqel, we’ve created our own unique whisky cocktail.  If you aren’t in the mood to bartend yourself, come on down and try our Highland Sour or The Peated Sazerac.

For your evenings in, here are some whisky options you can sip neat this summer, or mix in a cocktail.

Burnt Ends Whiskey: This tasty blended malt drinks like it looks. Deliciously rich and spicy with rye notes prominent. A massive hit of peat quickly overtakes the proceedings, with more than a touch of apple juice in the background. Barbecue sauce and smoky sausage all the way. The marriage of rye and peat hangs together perfectly.

The Whisky Smash: A wonderfully fresh whisky cocktail, for a hot summer day.

  • 2 parts Burnt Ends Whiskey
  • 75 parts fresh lemon juice
  • 75 parts simple syrup
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 4 mint leaves

You can pick up some flavored bitters from our shop, to get more creative with your bar at home!

Wormtub 10 Year Old Single Malt: There's a distinct forest floor note as well as layers of dark chocolate, flamed orange peel, punchy cassia, and smoky oak. Through more sherried influence come flavours of salty jerky, caramel, tangy dried cranberries, and oily walnuts.

A fresh take on a classic old-fashioned and a great mix of scotch whisky with a hint of summertime freshness.

  • 5 oz Wormtub 10 Year Old 
  • 25 Lime Juice
  • 3 oz Green Tea
  • 1 oz Grapefruit Juice
  • 25 oz Honey Syrup

Add all ingredients in a highball glass over ice and enjoy!