Four Red Wines to Chill This Summer

Four Red Wines to Chill This Summer

When thinking of summer, crisp roses and white wines immediately come to mind. But who wants to drink only white and rose all summer long?  A hot day demands a cool drink, but this does not mean that you should keep your red bottles hidden in the back of the cellar until winter. Red wine pairs wonderfully with classical summertime foods like BBQ and bountiful vegetables, and the most refreshing way to make red wine a part of your summer routine is to chill it.

Not all red wines should be chilled, though. Chilling a full-bodied, high tannin, high-alcohol red wine like a Napa cabernet sauvignon or classified Bordeaux red will make them taste more astringent and metallic – and generally - just not a good idea. The best red wines to chill are naturally light in body, low in tannins and full of fruit flavors. Chilling reds like these brings out their liveliness and minimizes the perception of alcohol which is the warming sensation that alcohol in wine can bring which we usually try to avoid in the summer!

So how chilled are we talking about? Light bodied reds are best served between 10 - 15 degrees (as a reference, all wines should be stored at 13 C – pun intended). As for the best way to chill a bottle of red for summer sipping; in an ice bucket or cooler for 15 minutes. If you can't tuck the bottle into ice, simply put it in your refrigerator for 30 minutes before you plan to drink it. 

Here, four red wines from our shelves that are perfect chilled.

David Duband Bourgogne Rouge 2020

Painters use canvas and paint; David’s medium is limestone, clay, grapes, and oak. His wines transparently demonstrate the stunning terroir of Burgundy, further revealing each unique nuance of the year and terroir.

David Duband is fast becoming one of Burgundy’s stars. He works his vines organically and biodynamically with low levels of sulphur in the wines. This Bourgogne rouge is all about light floral bright red berry fruits, fresh raspberries and cranberry. On the palate a hint of sweet nutmeg spice and those delicious vibrant red fruits. Not only a fantastic summer wine, but also, try it with a light fish dish.

Le Bignele Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2019

A valpolicella is an ideal summer wine as it is bright, with cherry fruit and a light touch of vanilla on a broad, tangy palate. This is a great wine to share with friends for any occasion. It is a lovely combination of red currant and sweet ripe cherries, with elegant acidity and finish with some walnuts in the background, and can make a create pairing with a summer salad.

Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria 2021

Cerasuolo di Vittoria comes from the countryside of Dorilli, in Sicily between the sea and the Iblean mountains. The name of the only DOCG in Sicily comes from ‘Cerasa’, cherry in Sicilian dialect. It is produced from the indigenous varieties Nero d’Avola and Frappato. A unique wine, unforgettable for its youthful flavors and aromas of cherry, strawberry and pomegranate, due to the particular soil and climate in which the grapes are cultivatedPerfect with a slice of seared tuna, with chopped mushrooms or with feathered game, its harmony with pizza is delightful. 

Drink it chilled.

Palacios Finca La Montesa 2019

Grenache is a medium-bodied red with notes of strawberries, grilled plums, and dried herbs. Spanish Grenache tends to have a higher ABV than its Rhône counterpart, making it a fantastic summertime red. Grenache pairs well with roasted meats and spiced vegetables. This Grenache from the Palacios Rioja estate is juicy and lush, with notes of cherry, raspberry and orange peel that meld with Mediterranean herbal undertones to create a wine that is balanced, bright and lively, a lovely addition to a nice dinner on a hot summer evening.