Amman's Top choice for Wine

Amman's Top Choice for Wine Delivery: Meet

Amman's Top Choice for Wine Delivery: Meet

A mere 10 years ago, shopping for a bottle of wine in Amman was a sad affair. The only option was to stop by one of the city’s scattered liquor stores: small shops with green facades and dark interiors where the wine and the spirits were scattered and stored with no rhyme or reason or any temperature control. The selection was almost identical in every shop (your options imported or local?) and dominated by corporate low-end wines, imported incidentally alongside the core offering of whisky and other spirits. Wine delivery in Jordan meant calling the corner store and asking the owner to drop off a few bottles on the way home.

Fast forward to 2024, and thankfully, a handful of websites and applications offer wine delivery in Jordan. However, Dara Wine was not built to simply disrupt the shopping and delivery mechanism so that you can more efficiently order wine online in Amman, but rather to build wine culture and change our city’s relationship to wine. 

Obsession with Quality and Selection

The founders of Dara decided to create what they could not find in Amman, a place where they can explore beautifully crafted wines from family-owned producers with great quality and accessible prices. This is why they spend much of their time traveling to directly source a unique collection of wines and spirits from around the world, ensuring that every bottle on our shelves meets our high standards of quality. This direct-to-consumer model ensures that Dara’s customers get these curated wines in excellent storage conditions and at great prices despite Jordan’s heavy duties and tax regime.

A New Kind of Wine Shop

Dara is not simply a shop or a website, it is built to be an information hub and a place of community. We strive to open windows into wine regions, introducing consumers to the people behind our unique wines with a retail location, online store, tasting room, and restaurant. 

A great wine shop doesn’t only sell wine but rather expands the notion of where wine fits into our lives. With our wine tastings, classes, dining experience, and events we are facilitating a thriving community, paving the way for a new kind of wine culture. 

This is why our shop also functions as our restaurant’s wine list; Dara Dining by Sara Aqel. You can select any wine and drink it in the restaurant, at retail price, with no additional fees or markups. We do not even charge corkage fees. This policy was created to ensure that our guests can explore a formidable selection with ease and confidence, in a beautiful space at the lowest price possible.  

We also regularly host wine & spirit-tasting classes and events where guests can build their knowledge and commune with fellow enthusiasts. These events are designed to be educational and enjoyable, providing a social atmosphere where guests can discover new favorites and deepen their appreciation for the art of winemaking and distilling.

It's All About The People!

Whether you’re joining us to go or taking your bottle to dine in our restaurant, the team of trained sommeliers at Dara is always ready to guide you through our offering, telling you stories about the wine’s sense of place and the people behind each bottle. 

Our friendly and professional team is dedicated to providing a seamless joyful experience from the moment you walk through our doors. We offer expert advice, tastings, and pairing suggestions to ensure you leave with the perfect bottle every time. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our shop, with an informative website and reliable delivery service that brings your favorite wines and spirits directly to your doorstep.

Convenient Online Shopping and Fast Delivery

You can’t build a culture without access and a digital footprint in this day and age. Dara’s website,, makes it easy to browse our collection and place your order with all the needed details of vintage, grape varieties, tasting notes, etc. We also offer free same-day delivery within Amman for orders above 20 JODs but can also offer wine delivery across Jordan. You can even select the delivery time slot so you’re never stuck at home waiting for your delivery. It's fast, convenient, and ensures you get your perfectly stored bottle without any hassle.

Join us at Dara, online or in-store, and become part of Amman’s new wine culture. 


  1. Delivery time: Daily from 1 PM - 9 PM
  2. How to select a time slot: In the checkout process we provide 2-hour time slots (1 - 3 PM, 3 - 5 PM, 5 - 7 PM, and 7 - 9 PM)
  3. Is In-store pick up available? Yes
  4. Payment methods accepted: Online payment via credit card, cash, or card on delivery
  5. Is there a delivery cost? Free delivery for orders above 20 JODs. 3 JOD delivery for orders less than 20 JOD