Celebrate Women in Wine

Celebrate Women in Wine

Spring seems to be an entirely appropriate time to celebrate International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and Women in Wine Day. In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to showcase a few women who have shaped the wine industry one bottle at a time.

While we may not know the exact story of how wine was first discovered, it is indeed plausible that a woman stumbled upon this glorious accidentally fermented grape, as women were the gatherers, collecting fruit and vegetables to feed their families. Social and cultural norms, traditions, and social stereotypes have conspired to keep women from achieving positions of influence in the world of wine. Yet women have always managed to fight their way to the top and prove that they belong.

A notable example is Mathilde Perrier would take her and her husband’s patronymic and by combining them Laurent-Perrier was officially born. Initially, the company was known as Veuve Laurent-Perrier — “veuve” being the French for “widow”. Under the control of Veuve Mathilde, Laurent-Perrier saw major success for the first time. Known for her hard work, strong character and integrity, Mathilde continued to develop and push Laurent- Perrier, strengthening the company’s finances. This would prove to be vital with the First World War just around the corner, seeing the region of Champagne transformed into a battlefield.

As well as her strong business acumen, Mathilde also showed the confidence to go against the grain. In 1889 — breaking from current fashion — Laurent-Perrier launched Grand Vin sans Sucre, sugar-free champagne. This break from tradition was more attuned to Laurent-Perrier’s own preferences, in addition to the developing market in Britain.

Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée Brut NV

Today, we would like showcase some of the women leading the wineries of some of our most beloved wines at Dara Wine from Piedmont and Sicily.


The beloved two sisters showcased on the labels of some of our favorite Italian wines. Monica and Daniela Tibaldi are two young sisters who took the plunge in 2014 to produce wines from their family vineyards. It was Monica who got into wine first, studying oenology in Alba, working for a year for big producer, Fontanafredda, and completing her masters in Madrid.

She persuaded Daniela – an accountant by training – into the new venture via a vintage in Marlborough, New Zealand and a sommelier course. In fact, they are the fourth generation of the family to grow grapes, their father, Stefano, and grandfather, Tunin, still helping out in the vines. Located at Pocapaglia, 25 minutes west of Alba, they are in the heart of the Roero region which they feel, with better promotion, should be on a par with Barolo and Barbaresco. They specialise in grapes typical of the Roero region, championing the traditional local grape, Favorita; “It’s Riesling-like” says Daniela. The vines are cultivated organically and certification is awaited. “We love the fruit, me and Monica,” says Daniela “so we don’t use any wood except on a small cuvée of Roero Nebbiolo.” Their wines are fresh and delicious indeed.


Presiding over winemaking at the innovative and cosmopolitan Sicilian trailblazer Planeta, Patricia Tóth is one of the island’s biggest champions. Leading the way in sustainable production, and reaching back to historical roots, Planeta’s 5 estates beautifully match grapes to terroir and produce critically-acclaimed wines. Originally from Hungary, but now a daughter of Sicily. Patricia Tóth was born in Hungary where she grew up in her family home in the countryside. She received a degree in 2004 at the University of Corvinus in Budapest in Food Science specializing in wine, beer and spirits. Having a particular love for grapes she began to work as a winemaker: in her working experience there are various known wine cellars such as Le Vigne di Zamò Friuli, Bava in Piemonte and Vylyan in Hungary.

Mothers are the foundation of society; they create life, raise children, manage households while working and caring for their families. Mothers are our ultimate superheroes, no one on this planet can understand the true power a mother holds, and the strength she exudes. So this Mother’s Day, celebrate with your mother, over a great glass of wine made by these trailblazers.